Welcome to the Hurst Society

The Hurst Society was launched in 2014, its aim is to bring together all those who have the interests of the School at heart and to strengthen the sense of community by encompassing all in the Hurst “family” – current and past pupils, parents, staff, governors and friends of the School.

Whatever your connection to the school you can be enrolled into the Society which provides free, lifelong membership. As part of Hurst’s extended family you will always receive a very warm welcome when you contact us or come for a visit.

The association will play a huge role in keeping those friendships alive, or re-kindling them through its website, newsletters, events and reunions which are jointly organised with the School and which we strongly support. The School in turn will keep you informed about what is going on here.

The Hurst Society enables you to:

- Join activities and events including the Choir, Cultural Trips, lectures and concerts. We are always open to ideas and suggestions for other activities so please get in touch.

- Share experiences with our extensive network of members. We can put you in touch with other members for work experience and placements. Some members provide invaluable guidance at key career stages, for example at our Career Evenings.